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Our Mission:

Provide the high efficiency service with superior experience

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the customer doorstep is the new contact point for retail. These customers have very high service expectations. Handheld-Wireless retail delivery solutions would satisfy this diversified and individualized, better optimized platforms integrating high technologies by providing you the speed and accuracy to triumph in today’s business.


Our Advantages:

How can you ensure that you can provide the real-time service to check the delivery status? How can you guarantee the accuracy?

You need to get the real-time status of your workforce progress and delivery. Workers must have a clear plan and a solid prediction of their ability to execute flawlessly. All of these elements impact your ability to provide a satisfying total customer experience.

Handheld-Wireless solutions accurately capture every key point of data and communicate with the database for every transaction under all the using environments. For the accurate, real-time information you need to deliver with precision and speed.

How to be competitive and win reputation from customers?

Currently more and more companies are focusing on providing the professional, diversified and individualized service to satisfy different levels of services from different customers in different fields. Hence how to provide the competitive service has been a tough topic.

Handheld-Wireless solutions provide the fuel to win good reputation with premium-priced services that add value and drive repeat business.

Handheld-Wireless solutions also deliver what your customers want: real-time delivery status and transparency to every facet of your service. Handheld-Wireless terminals proactively delivery information to customers by the purpose of drastically reducing customer service costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Complete Transportation and Logistics Solutions from Handheld-Wireless

Handheld-Wireless's purpose-built hardware along with highly customized OEM/ODM service capability increase productivity, accuracy and improve revenue assurance from different levels, while reducing operating costs by eliminating costly error-prone manual steps.

For transportation and logistics executives driven to change the competitive position of their enterprise,

For more information about our delivery solutions, please find us at sales@hhw9.com.