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Our Mission:

Today's T&L market is tough and competitive. To thrive, revenue growth, guaranteed revenue assurance and strict cost control is critical – all while customers demand new services and government forces new regulations. Handheld-Wireless's P&D solutions improve workflow efficiency, helping you focus on driving a more profitable enterprise.

Our Advantages:

Improve Workflow Efficiency

The challenge? Do more with a smaller resource base. And at the same time direct a distributed workforce managing multiple assets with widely varying worker skill sets all operating in a highly time-sensitive, service-centric environment.

Handheld-Wireless's mobile computing workflow solutions enable your workers to do more for your customers with less– less effort, less errors and less overtime. With Handheld-Wireless's 70 Series mobile computers, information goes to the point of work instead of the driver bringing information to a fixed in-cab computer. For example, Handheld-Wireless's mobile document imaging workflow software sends the bill of lading with your P&D information immediately from the pick-up to downstream operations, enhancing line haul planning and route optimization.

Turn Your Data into Hard Currency

Paper-based systems are highly error-prone, resulting in you not getting paid for work that's done. Handheld-Wireless's mobile computing workflow solutions eliminate driver paperwork errors on pick-up and delivery activities, plugging the leaks on your profits. Our solutions accurately capture every key point of data for every transaction every time – including eliminating driver data entry errors. In <1 second, Handheld-Wireless's shipment address verification solution automatically reads a printed consignee address on the bill of lading, verifies its accuracy, corrects any errors and sends the detailed delivery information on to the back office system. Accuracy turns your data into hard currency with improved revenue assurance.

Deliver Increased Customer Satisfaction

It's hard to put a price on superior customer satisfaction, but losing a key customer is painfully easy to measure. And today's customers are much more demanding, no longer satisfied with a GPS update or a four-hour delivery estimate. Handheld-Wireless's T&L mobile workflow solutions deliver what your customers want: proactive notification and transparency to every facet of your service. Aras Cargo, a leading transport company, uses Handheld-Wireless's P&D solutions to proactively push information to its customers, drastically reducing customer service costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Complete Transportation and Logistics Solutions from Handheld-Wireless

Handheld-Wireless's purpose-built hardware and T&L workflow performance software solutions, along with our global services capability increase productivity, accuracy and improve revenue assurance, while reducing operating costs by eliminating costly error-prone manual steps.

For transportation and logistics executives driven to change the competitive position of their enterprise, Handheld-Wireless's unique mobile workflow solutions drive more efficient, accurate and transparent operations enabling better decisions, improved customer service and increased revenue and profits.

For more information about our Pickup and Delivery solutions, contact us at sales@hhw9.com.