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Assets Management

Asset Management System

Our Mission:

Due to the high speed of the intelligent society, timetables are too tight and customer expectations too high to waste a minute looking for misplaced assets in the yard. Handheld-Wireless RFID solutions improve asset visibility and utilization as well as increase revenues and control costs for a more profitable enterprise.

Our Advantages:

Chasing Assets is Lost Profitability

From tractors and trailers to converter dollies and load locks, knowing the location and condition of assets and equipment in real-time is critical, whether in the yard or on the road. Handheld-Wireless solutions provide the visibility needed to maximize asset handling and utilization.

Get Higher Performance Ratio

Labor budgets are tight. Time spent searching for a missing load lock or combing the yard to count available trailers is lost labor productivity. Handheld-Wireless mobile solutions for yard management eliminate time-consuming, paper-based systems so your workforce can focus on maximizing the use of their time, assets and inventory. A more efficient workforce directly impacts your bottom line results and improves customer satisfaction.

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